Social-Emotional Development

  • Our centre’s research on emotional and learning development in children is centred around various aspects that impact a child’s growth from both behavioural and neural perspectives. To study children’s social-emotional development on a neurological level, the techniques of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), electroencephalography (EEG), and near-infrared imaging (NIR) will be employed.
  • Our centre first delves into the role of early childhood experiences, examining how these experiences shape a child’s social and emotional responses as they mature.
  • Our centre also investigates the negative effects of stress and trauma on a child’s developing brain and how it can adversely affect their mental well-being. Our research aims to understand how exposure to adverse experiences can lead to cognitive and emotional difficulties later in life.
  • Finally, our centre develops interventions that promote positive mental well-being in children. Our centre identifies strategies that help children cope with stress and build resilience, promoting adaptive behaviours that foster their emotional and social growth.
  • Overall, our centre’s research aims to contribute to creating a better understanding of the factors that influence a child’s social-emotional development, ultimately supporting their overall well-being.