Children Activity Room

  • Our centre offers a range of multi-purpose rooms that are designed to create diverse learning experiences for children (e.g., picture book reading, crafts, physical fitness exercise, etc.). Our goal is to provide an environment where children can engage in various activities that promote their physical, emotional, and cognitive growth.
  • Our multi-activity rooms are equipped with age-appropriate toys (e.g., Montessori teaching tools), games, and activities that allow children to explore and learn new skills. Our centre has designated spaces for arts and crafts activities, music and dance, physical exercise, and active play. These spaces are designed to foster creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills among children.
  • Additionally, our multi-purpose rooms serve as a platform for our research activities. Our centre uses these spaces to conduct experiments and observe how children interact with different stimuli. This allows us to gain insights into the cognitive, emotional, and social processes underlying child development, which informs our research on effective interventions for promoting healthy child development.

Room for Montessori teaching tools

Micro-Teaching Research Room

Creative Art Learning Room

Room for Reading and Manipulative Skills